About us

We are a bunch of people from Lapland who are passionately crazy about our homeland. We cherish the traditions and way of life that has been passed on to us by generations before us and share this with travelers and visitors.

Juha Pekka (J-P) Mikkola, Managing Director & Owner

There is an expression in Lapland, “Lapland’s craziest” and JP embodies just that: a life loving, fast-moving brave heart, highly trained in the school of life. JP is the man of crazy ideas, which almost nobody believes as they first hear them, but he gets people excited and committed and suddenly a miracle has been created again!


J-P about his team:

“Arctic Lifestyle is blessed with some awesome travel trade professionals, I feel very lucky to have caught these people to my company, my team. In addition to our core team presented here below, we have many devoted and experienced freelance guides who work with us depending on season.”



Jaana Sirkiä, Marketing 

On her very first visit to Lapland, Jaana fell in love – with Lapland. Not too long after that, she realised her dream of life in Lapland and has lived happily ever since. Jaana has found a way to let her love for Lapland shine through in her job: “Marketing Lapland and our experiences to travellers from all around the world is like telling the stories I love the most over and over again.”






Laura Silvan-Haliseva, Front Desk & Office Manager

Born and bread in the Lakeland of Finland, work and hobbies lured Laura to Lapland. Outdoors life is a source of energy for Laura and she makes sure to get her daily dose. She is a master of juggling tasks and keeping the threads in her hands – tightly but gently, smiling at all times.




Tommo Nevala, Operations Manager

For many Lapland travellers Tommo is “the guide”. He has several years of experience on the field and has found many friends in the guests he has guided through the wilderness. Nowadays part of his work keeps him indoors, but Tommo still does guiding all year around – just like it should be, we think.





Tero Ailasmäki, Maintenance Manager

Very originally Lappish, lives and breathes for hunting and fishing – that is our Tero in his leisure time. When it comes to his work in maintenance, there is nobody who is more precise about technique, mechanics and engines, Tero keeps our fleet in tip-top shape!




Thomas Draper, Senior Guide & Customer Service

Thomas father is from the UK and his mother the region of Savonia in Eastern Finland, where everyone is a bit slow, it is said. But he is a great guy! Thomas has a long career in the entertainment business in southern Finland. However a few years back he found his love for Lapland through his Lappish wife, who brought him to Rovaniemi, which we thank her for!