Travellers of Arctic Lifestyle
Travellers of Arctic Lifestyle


When staying in the exotic north, it is worth seeking an accommodation with a touch of authentic local hospitality. You get to be like a local in our Downtown Homes, Headquarters and upcoming Guesthouse Savotta.


"You find hotels everywhere you go, but for sure you did not come to Lapland for the hotels. That is why we like to offer ”be like a local” kind of accommodation. In these fully furnished Downtown Homes you live like anyone in Rovaniemi, you can blend in and get a feel for everyday life in Rovaniemi.

At Headquarters life is high at all times! This house at the outskirts of Rovaniemi has all you can wish for: sauna, outdoor jacuzzi, home theatre and all thinkable TV channels. This is the perfect chill-out den for a group of friends.

I am especially proud to present our upcoming accommodation: Guesthouse Savotta. It is located upstairs from our safari house and Pub & Restaurant Lapin Hulllu. Yes, of course we can accommodate you in a hotel, if you feel that is the option for your, no problem at all!"