About us

Creating experiences that are based on either the lifestyle we lead or the unique highlights of Lapland keeps us going! Living like a local and savouring local food really puts the final touch to your Lapland experience.


Arctic Lifestyle started out in 2005 with a focus on team building activities for domestic businesses, as well as providing light adventure programs for groups of friends. Little by little, the focus has turned more towards travellers, seeking and appreciating an Arctic lifestyle, a feel of the north and how we live here in the land of legends, ever-changing seasons and amidst nature.

Arctic Lifestyle has been creating experiences with a strong Lappish twist since 2009. Today, our Daily Departures and Arctic Adventures really have a soul; a story to be told and experienced by our guests.


We love our home and lifestyle:

  • We are all crazy about Lapland; we simply love our home, our lifestyle and the last wilderness of Europe. It is a joy to take travellers who are interested in or even fans of the arctic lifestyle to see and experience small and bigger miracles of the arctic.
  • We take you to be a part of real life in Rovaniemi and Lapland, join us, be like a local!

Genuine Lappish hospitality:

  • We create adventures around everyday things and things we get excited about. It is a joy to share these moments with our guests.
  • Lappish hospitality is all about the guest. It is said that one should never let a guest leave before he is satisfied and his stomach is full. This is our aim and therefore we carry out our programs in small groups.

Responsibility and sustainability:

We live midst nature and acknowledge we are only visiting. Generations after us should be able to experience the same amazing adventures as we do now. Our equipment (snowmobiles and jetskis) is as ecologically friendly as possible and locally produced locally in Rovaniemi.

  • Food is very important in our lives. We serve Lappish dishes based on local ingredients that we purchase from trusted local partners.