Arctic Lifestyle privacy policy


Our privacy policy explains the methods how Arctic Lifestyle LLC collects and uses personal data collected from clients directly and during visits on our website. This policy is in compliance with both the EU General Data Protection Regulation and with Finnish legislations. The relevant information of what data we collect, how we use it and how we save it, is explained on this page.

When you provide Arctic Lifestyle with personal information whilst placing an order and complete a transaction we imply that you have given your consent. This means giving your consent to us collecting personal information and using it to provide you the services booked. When Arctic Lifestyle services have been booked or carried out, customers may receive an email regarding a request for a review or a follow up from Arctic Lifestyle thanking our clients for using our services. In the case that Arctic Lifestyle asks for any other personal information for any secondary reason, Arctic Lifestyle will ask for clearly expressed consent.

 If clients wish to later withdraw consent for; us to contact you, further collect your information and use or disclose your information, clients are intitled to do so at any time. Clients also have the right to request what personal information we hold of them and how it has been used. If requested information is incorrect in any way, clients have the right to have it corrected. Clients may also request any personal information already collected to be deleted. However, Arctic Lifestyle must comply to what Finnish law allows us to.

i.e. example in reference to the Finnish “Accounting Act” we are required to hold material that are linked in audit of the accounts, for 6 years after each financial year has ended. In the case where any client wishes to execute their right to be forgotten, they may do so by contacting Arctic Lifestyle directly.


The website and it’s subpages uses cookies mainly to assure clients receive the most relevant information. While browsing the website, Arctic Lifestyle automatically receives the users computers internet protocol (IP Address), in order to provide Arctic Lifestyle learn about clients browsers that aids us to improve the content and development of our website.


When placing an order with Arctic Lifestyle, we require personal information from clients, to confirm bookings. Personal information such as names, email addresses, phone numbers, nationality and if possibly clients place of accommodation during your stay in the area of operations of Arctic Lifestyle. Other personal information such as: Age, height and dietary restrictions may also be asked and collected from clients to ensure the best possible service during services provided to the client by Arctic Lifestyle or it’s service providers.

Payment transaction for booked services may require credit card or account information. Arctic Lifestyle does not have access to client’s credit card information. Only the payment service providers are able to attain full access of this information.

Required credit card payments to Arctic Lifestyle are processed by payment systems providers. These service providers work under legislation such as “Payment Services Act” and might be obligated to collect additional personal information according to relative legislation.

Direct payments to Arctic Lifestyle are processed by Paytrail Plc. and payments completed with an invoice are done by SEPA bank transactions, using IBAN. When using these providers, we recommend that you read their privacy policies so you can understand the way your personal information is handled.

When clients purchase Arctic Lifestyle services directly from our website or via email, as part of the buying and selling process we collect the personal information clients provide.


Information given to us by our clients or cooperation partners will be used only when relevant to completing booked services. The sole reason for collecting personal information being able to organize booked services. After services have been completed clients may receive an email with an invitation to review Arctic Lifestyle services or a follow-up gratitude message from Arctic Lifestyle sales department.

Arctic Lifestyle may disclose clients personal information if we are required to do so by law or if the client has violated our terms and conditions. In the these cases the personal information may be disclosed with the Finnish government officials, or remuneration service providers if needed.

Arctic Lifestyle will take reasonable measures to protect clients personal information. Arctic Lifestyle takes reasonable precautions to protect and make sure information is not inappropriately; used, accessed, disclosed, altered or destroyed. Arctic Lifestyle staff is trained to handle all personal information with the utmost respect. Access to the database including client information is restricted within Arctic Lifestyle solely for those individuals working within sales and booking process. Other personnel have only limited access to information that can be seen as critical to provide the services that clients have ordered from Arctic Lifestyle. Personal information of clients and/or cooperation partner is saved in bookings systems, calendar, invoicing software etc. These elements complete our customer register that has limited access to Arctic Lifestyle personnel.


Data is not transferred to third countries or international organizations. In the event of an isolated case, Arctic Lifestyle may be forced to disclose data to third parties or international organizations, if a client or stakeholder has given a mandate for this purpose.

Data can be made available for a third party by the official request of a government organization, but must always comply to the rule of law and that the Finnish Data Protection Authority has concluded an assessment of risks and quality system of the third country’s actual security level.


Arctic Lifestyle LLC may make changes to this privacy policy. To ensure that the users are aware of how their personal data is processed, the updated privacy policy is available in our website.

Latest update: 13.8.2019.


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