Arctic Ocean Adventure

Guaranteed Departures: We are currently preparing our departures for 2024

Four days of adventure tour with ready built program. Accommodation included for all nights, in hotel, cabin or wilderness lodge. Accommodation in double rooms. Single rooms subject to availability.

Tour includes: full board, all required equipment, insurance & professional guide service.

Clients ride as single driving on snowmobiles.

Each driving day can vary in duration and driving distance, depending on route- and weather conditions.

Please note that this is a tailor-made tour, available for the mentioned dates only. Same and similar tours are available for groups of minimum 6 persons on request. For all tours, please feel free to contact us at

Day 1

Arrival services, APT Transfer, Welcome dinner and accommodation

You will be greeted at the airport by our guide(s). After luggage handling, you will be transported to your hotel accommodation. On arrival at the hotel, you will be fitted with professional 2-piece suites suitable for the coming week. After issuing the equipment, you will be treated to a great meal in the hotel restaurant. During and after dinner you will have the chance to get to know your group and your guide(s) will give you more specific information about the tour. Then you can relax after a long day, preparing for the exiting activities that lay ahead.

Day 2

Day 1  The adventure begins (100-200km)

Every adventure must start on a full stomach, so we enjoy our breakfast first. Then it is gear on and ready to go! Our adventure starts directly from the hotel where all the snowmobiles are already waiting. Every client is issued with their own bag that is tied onto the snowmobiles. Your guide will then go through all the driving and safety instructions you will need to know for this tour. We make our way through varying landscapes and speed along the forest tracks on our way north. Lunch is enjoyed at an indoor location along the way. For some reason, on many previous tours, the Aurora Borealis, or northern lights, have guided the way to our first night’s accommodation. This is not guaranteed, but if you haven’t seen them before, this is the best place to be. On arrival at our accommodation, the sauna will be warm and after having a wash we will sit down for our evening meal. You will sleep well tonight.

Day 3

Over the border, make to the Sea (100-200km)

After a good breakfast we set of on our machines. We will make our way towards the Norwegian border. Driving into Norway, we will have lunch at the Snow Hotel in Kirkenes. If you want, take a dip in the Arctic Sea during your visit, just to say you have done it!

Today’s tour will take you across frozen lakes and marshlands, twisting routes and backwood trails. A full day of snowmobiling in altering terrains and great sceneries

At the cabin you will be able to again enjoy a warm sauna and delicious meal. If you feel brave, you can try the Finnish tradition of rolling in the snow between steaming in the sauna.

Day 4

Southern bound (100-200km)

After a good breakfast, we turn our way South and head towards the massive lake Inari. We use alternative routes and find more thrills. After a while, we arrive on the edge of Lake Inari. Crossing the lake is for many one of the highpoints of this tour. The powdery snow shoots up as we speed across the vast open area. Depending on the reining weather conditions, we either stop for a indoor lunch, or make our own delicacies around a campfire.

We will arrive at our hotel in the evening where we will have dinner and relax after another day of adventure.

Day 5

Grande Finale (100-200km)

After breakfast, we set off for our final driving day. More beautiful and changing sceneries, winding tracks and great terrains. If you haven’t yet had the chance for deepsnow driving, we will make sure you have an opportunity today. A nice indoor lunch will keep us going and we will arrive at our final destination in the early evening.

Our last evening shall be a special one, where we will celebrate the tour together over dinner. We will be staying the last night in Ivalo village, so there will also be a chance for a night out if you still have the energy.

Day 6

Departure services and APT transfer

All things come to an end, but we hope to see you again soon. You will be picked up from your accommodation for an inclusive airport transfer. Goodbye for now and Bon Voyage!

General Info of tour:

Airport transfers are included on arrival flight at Ivalo (IVL) airport on mentioned arrival date, and on mentioned departure date. Clients travelling before or after these dates are asked to contact Arctic Lifestyle for further transfer information.

Please inform Arctic Lifestyle of any food- or other allergies

We operate with high standard modern Lynx Snowmobiles, designed and built in Rovaniemi

Accommodation locations unspecified. Stays in double rooms, single rooms subject to availability.

We supply every client with all required equipment, but we advise clients to pack warm thermal underwear and casual clothes to wear (i.e. jogging trousers) under snowmobiling gear.

Full price of tour as described, excluding flights and own preferences such as extra meals, services and alcoholic beverages: x€ / Person

For any further information, please feel free to contact us on the following channels:


direct:           +358 50 343 9100