Long haul safaris


“They are not there just to be driven, they are there to be experienced, a true feeling of arctic lifestyle. Our Arctic Adventures. We’d like to think of them as soulful stories that unfold kilometer by kilometer. Yes, and about the landscapes; we have sought out some of the best landscapes of Lapland for you to savour. When I ride through these landscapes, I feel freedom. Inside my helmet-world, where only my thoughts exist, I think ”it was worth to be born just for this feeling”.

-J-P Mikkola
Managing Director and Owner

Join our guaranteed departures or let us create your adventure. We are happy to tailor an arctic adventure just for you. A unique trip into the last wilderness of Europe, with the highlights of your choice.

We are a bunch of people from Lapland who are passionately crazy about our homeland. We cherish the traditions and way of life that has been passed on to us by generations before us and share this with travelers and visitors. Come and visit us in Rovaniemi, any time of the year!

Arctic Lifestyle Safaris Oy
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