Lumi Resort – Your piece of Northern Sky

Arctic Lifestyle will be launching Lumi Resort in steps between November 2018 and November 2021. The resort is already home base of our winter activities and will be extended with restaurants, sauna services and high-end panorama chalet accommodation.

Lumi Resort

Our strong roots in Lappish hospitality and our love of Arctic nature has lead us to Lumi Resort. Conveniently close to Rovaniemi airport and the city center, but yet completely on its own within the surrounding Lappish nature – a location we have always been dreaming of. This full-service, private resort is established and built with care and with focus on our customers. At Lumi Resort we are able to offer high-end privatised services as it pertains to activities, dining, sauna and in the future also accommodations and lodgings.

We acquired Lumi Resort in October 2017 and it has ever since been the home base of our safaris and activities. In November 2018 we will open Restaurant Lumi and Scenic Sauna Lumi at the resort. The planning of high-end chalets and villas has started and we will build in phases.

Restaurant lumi

The main feature of this restaurant is by far the panoramic views and the fact, that you can see the northern lights to your dinner table – that is of course when the northern lights are active. Naturally, we serve great food too! Local, classic flavours and ingredients are the core of our kitchen at Lumi.

Restaurant Lumi seats 50 persons and the separate cabinet Kide seats 10 persons.

Scenic sauna lumi

Also the sauna is overlooking the amazing river-valley and hill landscapes, facing the north. The sauna has windows and with some luck you are able to see the northern lights while relaxing in the steam of the sauna. On the terrace you find a Jaccuzzi – another great spot for relaxation.

We are happy to serve snacks and refreshments to the sauna lounge from Restaurant Lumi.


Lumi panoramic chalets

In the future the hillsides of Lumi Resort will host high-end panoramic chalets. Stay tuned for more information in the near future

Lumi Resort

Olleronvaarantie 104
96100 Rovaniemi