Daily & Weekly Departures Summer

Come and experience the magical season of Midnight Sun! In the summertime Rovaniemi is surrounded by water, thanks to its location in the crossing of to great rivers. We take you out on jet ski safaris, river rafting adventures and all the genuine Lappish "must-dos" and "must-sees".

Aurora Borealis prime time

Northern Lights, nature greatest phenomenon, as it should be experienced

Requests per e-mail to info@arcticlifestyle.fi are replied to with reservation information, due to availability. Reservations through the web-shop will be immediately confirmed upon payment. 

Tour is confirmed once payment has been received by Arctic Lifestyle. Reservations are released automatically by Arctic Lifestyle unless confirmed until the given deadline. No reservation is considered confirmed before specifically mentioned as confirmed by both parties. 

Cancellation inquiries must be submitted to Arctic Lifestyle (sales@arcticlifestyle.fi and info@arcticlifestyle.fi) within office hours in Finland (8:00-17:00) referring to Arctic Lifestyle’s order number. Cancellations are always due to approval of Arctic Lifestyle and its suppliers. If a supplier’s cancellation policy is stricter than the Arctic Lifestyle cancellation policy, the stricter policy applies. 

Cancellations less than 72 hrs. prior to start of the tour incur a cancellation fee of 100% of the cost of the booking, applies also for no-shows. 

Payment can be done by credit card (secure online payment). Web-shop payments transactions take place within the online booking process. Payment is due 14 days after the booking has been created by Arctic Lifestyle. For late bookings arriving less than 14 days until the excursion, payment is due immediately in full. 

Please note that deposit may apply to groups exceeding 10 persons. Deposits depend on size of order, advance booking time and seasonality. Bookings including accommodation are always subject to deposit. Accommodation cancellations policies vary from service provider due to season and availability. Stricter cancellation policies may apply. 

All bookings are charged in full latest 30 days prior to arrival or later for late bookings, but latest before beginning of tour.